S.A.P.P(Students Against Peer Pressure)

           Ever since the beginning of time, peer pressure has been prancing around the Earth, making it impossible for people to live their lives happily.  From the prehistoric era, to the modern day forms of peer pressure have been around, but as time goes on the types of peer pressure evolve as well.  Peer pressure has no bounds; it happens to kids, teenagers and even adults! However, there are different types of peer pressure made for each of those groups such as fashion peer pressure, popularity peer pressure and even social status peer pressure. However,  peer pressure causes the most turmoil within the teenagers. It is known that  40% of teenagers fall into the trap of peer pressure every year, and can potentially wreck their lives.  S.A.P.P(Students Against Peer Pressure) was formed in 2011, and it is combating the evil, villainous peer pressure by making teenagers aware of its affects to prevent them for letting it affect their life decisions.  If you want more information on this group, how to create a group at your school or you just want to comment on our webpage please send any questions or comments using the box below.

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